Solving sedentary lifestyles in the workplace.

About Us

All you need to do, is check your PULSE.
  • Who We Are

    We are a group of four University of Georgia students who are combining efforts to make a difference in the working world of which we will soon become part. A healthy lifestyle and an efficiently working body have direct effects on workplace productivity and office morale. Activity is fun, but maintaining an active lifestyle is also among the most essential elements of daily life.

  • What We Do

    We are solving this pandemic by designing a simple, hand-held fitness tracking web application, which we call Pulse. The easy to use Pulse web application allows a workplace to be divided into teams based on department, which then compete in quarterly fitness competitions. Individual users have the ability to log minutes of specific activities, compile quarterly totals, link to co-workers with similar fitness goals, and encourage the regular activity of teammates. By establishing teams consisting of employees working in close contact with one another, we encourage not only the celebration of individuals, but also departmental cooperation.

  • Why It Matters

    We care because people are far more concerned with finishing a Netflix marathon than finishing an actual marathon. We care because a habit of work all day and sleep all night is far more common than a habit of active living. We care because our generation is on the cusp of the working world and we want to know it will be an environment that can sustain itself. Our focus is on stronger employees building a stronger workforce. Our goal is to keep a finger on the Pulse.

Our Team

Meet the heartbeats behind Pulse.
Chris Browning
Chris is a fourth year advertising student with passions for creative writing, music, outdoor adventure, photography and all things technology. He hopes to devise an initiative that connects people through music.
Emily Parten
Content Producer
Emily is studying PR at UGA and will graduate in the fall. She is a Nashville native, a two-time frostbite survivor and a Pinterest junkie. She loves Pulse because it unites her interests of healthy living and technology.
Luke Grantham
Luke is a UGA senior studying Computer Science. He is the programmer for Pulse. In his free time, he likes to rock climb and look at pictures of cats on the internet.
Laura Vellidis
Visual Designer
Laura is a third year PR student at UGA. She hopes to one day work for a fashion PR firm in New York City. When she’s not working on Pulse, you’ll likely find her binge-watching Netflix or planning her next trip around the world!

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