Check Your Pulse


We’re tired of sitting still. We are tired of settling for a lifestyle of complacency and inactivity. That’s why we’re building an application that builds confidence and promotes health through workplace unity and competition.

We believe in stronger individuals creating a stronger workforce.

Pulse is a web application targeted at making your workforce active. Its features are geared towards allowing the user to log their activity and see how they measure up with other users. In addition, Pulse allows for the creation of teams and communities – stemming competition.

It has three main components:

  1. Individual Page – Here, the user can log his or her activity and see their individual stats and progress in the form of graphs.
  2. Team Page – This page allows the users to track the progress of their individual team.
  3. Community Page – This is the pinnacle of the competitive aspect of Pulse. The user will be able to see how he or she is doing in regards to others in their workplace.

Well, now that you know about the components, how does it work? It’s simple and it’s easy. After a user completes a workout or activity, they will simply sign in to their account and log that activity. From there, they will be prompted to view their individual, team and community stats.

Our distinguishing feature is the competition aspect that we have so frequently mentioned. Studies have shown that competition fuels activity and the desire to become involved, so we decided to make that an important feature of Pulse. Through this, there will not only be a stronger individual, but a stronger workplace.

Pulse is not just another fitness app. Yes, it is an application focused on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, but it is also focused on creating unity and competition within a workplace. Through the use of different levels of involvement, users are able to create their own experience and become healthier and more active over time.

It’s simple… all you have to do, is check your PULSE.

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